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This is a partial list of some of the custom applications CSS has designed and implemented:

Student Manager
This custom application manages all student information for a college including students curriculum, tuition, degree plan, books required, and grade reports. It also generates many reports including transcripts, acceptance and graduation letters, tuition payment status and student statistics.

Proposal Manager
This application manages proposals from the client out to custom home builders. The sales staff enter all the items, pricing is looked up, and a proposal is printed on their company stationary.

Appointment Manager
This application assists in scheduling meetings for companies at a 3 day conference. It allows the administrator to book meetings between companies in 1 hour time slots, without double booking.

Quote Management System
This application allows the client to collect requests from their website, quickly enter the information to the system, and generate a price quote to the client.

Pop Quiz
A client wanted a way to enter questions and multiple choice answers into a database. The employee can take the test and get instant results on the test. The results are posted into a database to allow for manager review at a later time.

Market Watch
This application downloads data from the Internet once an hour, verifies it, and posts it to a SQL server database. It then generates the HTML and graphics for the client's Intranet website.

On-line Surveys
This website is a database driven survey system. The survey administrator enters all questions into a database and users select their choices via radio buttons on the form. Once complete, the current results are shown to the user in graphic representation, along with their selections.

Internet E-Mail Module
This module was created for a client's .COM web site. It allows the web form administrators to enter mailing codes instead of company e-mail addresses. All recipient addresses are maintained in a database as well as any additional action items needed during the processing of the web form. This provides extra security of not exposing corporate e-mail addresses to web users by viewing source code.

Employee Volunteer Site
This website collects information about employees that want to volunteer for company events, both internal and external, and assigns them to the various volunteer jobs.

Installation/Repair Vehicle Scheduling
Intranet website that allows schedulers to schedule their van fleet through out the city based on regions.

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