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Q How long is the average application development time?
A This really depends on how detailed and specific the initial application specifications are documented. Many clients do not know exactly what they want at the beginning of the process. We create a prototype of the application, the client evaluates it and provides feedback. This process goes back and forth until it is exactly what the client wants. This process, depending on the application, can take from three weeks to several months.
Q Can I sell an custom application that CSS developed?
A Yes. We can create the application to your specifications. We can then handle any upgrades/modifications directly with you or with your clients.
Q How does the CSS application guarantee work?
A You are not invoiced until the program is working, based on your original specifications, in production.
Q How much does a typical application cost?
A Most custom programming projects range from $850 to $2,500 in cost with an average around $1,400.
Q Is there a charge for making changes to an application?
A If the changes are required based on the application performing incorrectly, there is never a charge for the lifetime of the program. Any upgrades or enhancements made to the program are made at our current hourly billing rates. A quote will be sent to the client based on the new changes for approval prior to any work being started.
Q What is the difference between the Internet and an Intranet?
A The Internet is the world wide web, all the http://www. type addresses. An Intranet is an internal company "internet". It cannot be accessed from the outside without special authentication. Both use a browser to view content.
Q Why doesn't CSS have an e-mail address or phone number published on its website?
A We no longer publish phone numbers or e-mail addresses on our site due to the tremendous amount sales calls and SPAM!
Q How long has CSS been developing applications?
A CSS began developing custom software applications in 1987 and website development in 1995.
Q Does CSS market any of its own applications?
A We are currently developing a line of tools and utility programs. We have developed a password management appliation, EZPass, which has been released to the public. It is currently in an "evaluation" mode. The program may be sold or released as a shareware application in the future. EZPass be downloaded from its website at www.ThePasswordManager.com.

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